Matthew Tipuric

After completing my MEng in mechanical engineering in 2017, I decided to stay at the University of Sheffield to take on a PhD project with the Industrial Doctoral Centre in Machining Science. The aim of my research is to improve machining productivity using inerters. I expect this to eventually involve developing semi-active inerters to make robot arms suitable for light machining, although the project is still in its early days and so liable to change.

Research Interests

My research interests include:

  • Vibration control
  • Inertial damping
  • Semi-active damping
  • Robotic machining
  • Current Research

Currently, I am focused on a novel semi-active inerter design that uses magnetorheological fluid to create a controllable damping force. I have just completed a feasibility study and am moving on to verifying my model against a test rig.  I am also looking into ways to optimise the device and the potential for its use in different control strategies.