Payam Soltani

I started my academic and research career in 2001 as a university lecturer in the mechanical engineering field with teaching different courses and supervising several final research and industrial projects.  I received my PhD in 2012 mechanical engineering from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and on the nonlinear modelling of nanostructures. Afterward, I joined the Structural and Material Computational mechanics (MSC) research unit at BATir department at the University of Brussels (ULB).  In BATir, I worked on an industrial project with the aim of design, simulation and manufacturing a low-frequency acoustic emission broadband sensor for vibration monitoring of rotary machines.
After this project, I joined the Space Structure and Systems Lab. (S3L) at the University of Liege (ULg). Design and modelling of  the piezoelectric tuned  vibration absorbers with  focus on nonlinear aspects was my main task during my cooperation with S3L. Now, I am research associate of the Dynamic Research Group (DRG) at the University of Sheffield and also a member of theme 9 in the Programme for Simulation Innovation (PSi). 
Nonlinear dynamics, Finite-Element Modelling, computational mechanics and simulation of the smart materials and structures are my main research interests. 

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Research interests:

  •  Nonlinear dynamics.
  • Smart structures and machines.
  • Modelling, design, and simulation of smart materials.
  • Modelling, design, and simulation of machines.
  • Computational mechanics.
  • Numerical methods (FEM).
  • Novel vibration absorbers.
  • Novel energy harvesting systems.

Current research:

I am working on a project titled “Cradle-to-Grave Life Cycle Prediction of Automotive Materials and Systems in Service." My main focus is on the modelling of the material deterioration and ageing of polymeric and elastomeric components in  vehicles.  As the ageing gradually changes the mechanical properties of the components, I am also interested in the impact of the ageing on the performance of the vehicle. I am developing a simulation tool for prediction and assessment of two key components during their in-service life. In simple words, I am trying to create a simulation package which predicts the variation of the mechanical and dynamical behaviours of the two key vehicle components as their constituent elements deteriorate during their lifetime.