Rafiz Abdul Rahim

Currently a PhD student at the University of Sheffield under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Education Malaysia and Universiti Putra Malaysia. Previously completed BEng in Mechanical (Hons) and a MSc in Dynamics and Control at the University of Bath. Upon completion, I get into a career path as a researcher and a junior lecturer at the Malaysia-France Institute for five years before starting my PhD study since May 2014. I find my interest in travelling to scenic places and swimming and work out during free time .

Current research:

Focusing on structural health monitoring of aircraft structures in developing a damage detection strategy under the influence of operational loading variability. Currently, an aircraft wing of the Jabiru under varying fuel (which is substituted with water) is excited with a Gaussian signal in aim to detect real damage variables in the influence of varying pseudo fuel condition. Some machine learning algorithms such as the principal component analysis, neural network regression and Gaussian mixture model clustering are performed on the vibration data set in aim to separate and differentiate between damage and load variables.