Sifa Gul Demiryurek

When I was MSc Student (2017) at The University of Sheffield, Mechanical Engineering Department, I was thinking about staying in Sheffield and continuing with PhD. After I completed MSc in
Mechanical Engineering, I started my PhD journey in January, 2018 at the University of Sheffield.

Research interests:

  • Particle Damping Phenomena based on using single and multiple dampers;
  • Wave propagation problems in metamaterials and metasurfaces;
  • Nanofluids and thermal mixing phenomena.

Current research:

  • Metamaterials;
  • Surface Waves;
  • Acoustic Waves;
  • Vibration Control;
  • Damping.

I am using 3D-Printed dampers and chrome particles in my experimental studies in Damping Laboratory. Numerical and analytical models are in the process. Changing the properties and conducting experiments will be helpful to support my aims. Additionally, I have a published paper while studying in my home country. The research area was about nanofluids and thermal mixing phenomena.

Published Papers:

  • Kok, B., Varol, Y., Ayhan, H., Oztop, H. and Demiryurek, S. (2018). Experimental Investigation of Thermal-Mixing Phenomena of a Coaxial Jet with Cylindrical Obstacles. Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 32(2), pp.273-283.